Real Estate Group

Our Real Estate Team is dedicated to value-creating, comprehensive service that meets the evolving and sophisticated needs of clients.

We aim not only to offer value in single real estate projects of significance but also to design solutions that have a major impact on returns on investment and on the quality of results obtained.

Real Estate Facts

Real estate, including plant and equipment, often constitutes the largest capital expenditure of a company. It also comprises one of the largest components of operating expense. The aggressive management of property and facilities presents opportunities for both savings and competitive advantage.

Real estate is also a strategic and financial factor in business and personal planning. Most diversified portfolios have a heavy real estate component. Yet businesses and individuals often treat real estate projects on a reactive basis. Because property and construction are often outside a client’s business, there is a need to provide a base of experience that could contribute to a stable of solutions and best practices for real estate projects. The JLG Real Estate Group is designed to provide those best practices.

For many companies, real estate receives senior management focus largely as an adjunct to merger and acquisition or corporate secured finance activity. But the vast majority of real estate projects within major companies arise between mergers and acquisitions or corporate finance events. We believes that substantial value can be brought to the real estate process for every sale or purchase, major or routine lease, plant construction or expansion, or other asset activity.

The Distinguishing Factors

The JLG Real Estate Group combines experience and resources to offer the following advantages:

  • Extensive Practical Experience. Our group members have over 50 years of transaction and litigation experience concerning real estate. We are counsel to two premier real estate consulting practices with national reputations. We have an extensive network of design and construction professionals.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach. The JLG Real Estate Group is founded upon a collaborative, client-centered orientation. This ensures that the most appropriate and qualified individuals are available, on a timely and cost-effective basis, to address client matters. The group will include other professionals and consultants where they offer expertise that will add value.
  • Sensitivity to Cost. We are mindful of the essential balance between benefits and costs, whether measured in professional fees, transactional expenses, or time and opportunity. We add value through identification of opportunities available in the market and through a better understanding of the goals and risk preferences of the client at the outset.
  • Entitlements and Construction Capability. The JLG Real Estate Group provides sophisticated entitlement and construction documentation and advocacy. We advise clients with respect to governmental regulation of entitlements, zoning, conditional use and building permits in connection with the ownership, development, design and operation of real property.

Representative Experience

  • Acquisition and disposition of sites and facilities
  • Real estate valuation
  • Office, industrial, retail, and warehouse/distribution leasing
  • Real estate brokerage arrangements
  • Land use analysis
  • Real estate partnerships equity and capital raise transactions
  • Real estate development projects
  • Traditional and creative real estate financing, including equity and debt financing
  • Building design, construction, and renovation contracts
  • Real estate entitlements
  • Construction liens enforcement and priority
  • Environmental assessment and remediation
  • Tax-driven transactions and §1031 exchanges
  • Tenant improvement allowance and construction
  • Real estate within corporate reorganizations
  • Design-build contracts
  • Ground leases, retail leases, long-term commercial leases
  • Quiet title, encroachment, partition, lien priority, and common area litigation
  • Construction and design defect litigation
  • Real estate family LLCs and fractional interest gifting
  • Title review and due diligence
  • Timberland acquisition, sales and financing
  • Water rights
  • Wetland remediation