Litigation Group

Our Litigation Team is dedicated to creating value and providing comprehensive service that meets the evolving and sophisticated needs of our clients. We aim not only to offer value in resolving your issue to the best available outcome, but in maximizing the effectiveness of the overall litigation strategy.
Litigation Facts
Being served with a lawsuit can come as quite the surprise. After digesting the initial shock of the lawsuit, a larger concern comes into play, “what happens next?” Our Litigation Team will use their expertise to manage the lawsuit effectively and work toward your desired result, be it trial or settlement.
Filing a lawsuit can also be equally as daunting. If someone has broken a business contract, damaged your property, or infringed upon your rights, sometimes the only remedy is a lawsuit. The Litigation Team strives to keep you, the client, as the focus of their representation and they work hard to exceed your expectations and deliver results.
The Distinguishing Factors
The JLG Litigation Team combines experience and resources to offer the following advantages:
  • Extensive Practical Experience. Our group members have over 45 years of experience and has an extensive network of professionals to engage on advanced matters with.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach. The JLG Litigation Team is founded upon a collaborative, client-centered orientation. This ensures that the most appropriate and qualified individuals are available, on a timely and cost-effective basis, to address client matters. The group will include other professionals and consultants where they offer expertise that will add value.
  • Sensitivity to Cost. We are mindful of the essential balance between benefits and costs, whether measured in professional fees, transactional expenses, or time and opportunity. We add value through identification of opportunities available in the market and through a better understanding of the goals and risk preferences of the client at the outset.
Practice Areas:
  • General Business Litigation
  • Commercial Lease Dispute
  • Commercial Contract Disputes
  • Trademark Litigation
  • Land Use Dispute
  • Employment Issues