About Us

The James Law Group are attorneys who strive to apply our professional and industry experience to achieve client objectives. We deliver business solutions to companies, individuals and government entities.

We practice in teams. Our Practice Groups focus our experience and interests to achieve better results with efficiency and focus.

We are committed to a firm culture of being informed, positive, innovative, focused, fair, and effective in serving our clients.

Our home page includes a telescope. A telescope allows a person to see farther and with more clarity that which is before them. The James Law Group believes our professional training, legal experience, business experience, commitment and culture allow us to help clients determine and implement what best meets their needs.

What Matters

In business planning, a client should have a conscientious, proactive professional advisor. This is true whether objectives are short-term or long-term, personal or corporate, simple or complex.

In litigation, a client should have an advocate that protects and advances their interests.

We provide advice and advocacy in or out of court. We intend that our services add value. The James Law Group assists our clients in making good choices, offering best practices and managing the risks of business.

When indicated, we utilize outside experts who have proven they can add value. These include financial analysts, investment bankers, forensic scientists, engineers, valuation specialists, and technology specialists – to name a few.

By combining our talents and creativity, The James Law Group hopes to deliver the best service. We seek innovative solutions, we bring ideas to our clients, we enjoy our profession and we welcome the opportunity to serve.